About This Site

This site is a personal web site and is not run for profit. In fact, not even donations towards the cost of maintaining this site are accepted. Words of encouragement will be received with gratitude, though.

This site is a tribute site for Johnny Cash and for the TV series ReBoot. Some people may call this site a parody, but no put-down of either Mr. Cash or of the series is intended. I reserve the right to post material unrelated to these two topics, though. Setting up a bunch of different sites for all my interests would be a real pain th the ASCII.

To the best of my knowlege, all images, sounds, text, and programs on this site are either:
♦ In the Public Domain,
♦ Created by the myself,
♦ Created by someone who gave me permission to use their material, or
♦ Covered by the Fair Use provisions of the applicable copyright laws,

If anyone who owns the copyright of any material on this site has a legitimate problem with my use of it, please write me and I will remove said material immediately. Don't expect me to pay any money for the use of your material, though - I'm already paying enough just to run this site. If I'm forced to, I'll close the entire site down.