About ReBoot

ReBoot was, IMHO,one of the best and most original television programs of its time. Of course, the fact that I'm a professional computer geek might be clouding my judgement a bit. ;-)

Reboot was indeed a computer-oriented show: not only was the animation was done on a computer, the show itself was set inside a computer. The city of Mainframe, to be exact. A city which, when viewed from above, looked very much like an old IBM removable disk drive.

The show was full of such computer-related sight gags and puns, many of which were more than a little obscure. The "sky" looked like a circuit board, the general public consisted of walking ones and zeros, and the main bad guys were viruses!

And then they had some guest stars - Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny as "CGI special agents Data Nully and Fax Modem"! That got me thinking about what other real-life or fictional people would be like in Mainframe. And thus "Johnny Cache" (named after cache memory) was born.

But enough about me. When I get my own stuff about ReBoot ready, I'll post it here, but until then check out:
The unofficial ReBoot home page
Mainframe Entertainment Inc. (they made ReBoot and a lot of other interesting stuff, too!)