Tananda of Uniondale


Tananda is a youngish lady troll with the unusual vocation: she is a Paladin of Tyr. For a troll, she is wise, quite intelligent and very beautiful. (Beautiful from the viewpoint of most humanoids, that is. Many trolls find her smooth, un-trollish features disturbingly ugly.)

As a devoted servant of Tyr, Tananda is happiest when smiting evil, and especially when fighting undead. She also enjoys helping people (especially the ones that don't run away), and she tries to set a good example for Armand and Muffle. Tananda's aware that her party sometimes keeps things from her, but she won't investigate unless it goes on for too long. She knows that there are some things that it's hard to discuss with a Paladin, so she practices patience.

She tends to get along well with the rest of the party, especially Moonshine. Armand can exasperate her at times. Ordrë she occasionally finds puzzling, and her undead Shadow companion worries her. Muffle has been a disappointment lately. She's relieved that Aeryn and Blight are gone.

Her special mount is a male dire elk named Buttercup.

For an explanation on how Tananda came to be a paladin, click here.

Tananda is the third PC that the Webmaster has created for this game. The first one, Kowalski the half-orc Cleric/Bard, left before Moonshine's player joined. The second one, Ordrë the dwarven Rogue, was retired to allow Tananda in. After Aeryn's player was ejected from the game (taking with her both Aeryn and Grolsch, her boyfriend's character), the party needed a rogue, so Ordrë was re-introduced.

Both Ordrë and Tananda are currently being played by the Webmaster. Since the other two players have hirelings, cohorts, and/or familiars, this actually gives all three players a more or less equal share of the spotlight.

1 - As we approach epic levels in our game, Tananda has acquired the title (and template class) of Saint. Amazing, isn't it? ;-)
2 - Thanks to a misunderstanding during the execution of the Shamaness, Tananda has acquired a second title: Queen of the Orcs. Much to her dismay, she seems to be stuck with the title, mostly since Hlal thinks it's funny. She wouldn't have minded so much if the orcs had agreed to follow Tyr....

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