Ordrë Ravenaxe


Ordrë is a youngish(65) dwarf lady with a wicked sense of humor, which she can express in nine different languages. She functions as the party's scout and disarmer-of-traps, and she swings a mean urgrosh.

At present, Ordrë is more-or-less living with Dimili, a half-fey deep dwarf (urdunnir). She's starting to show some fey traits herself; apparently there is a dryad in her family tree. ;-)

Both Ordrë and Tananda are currently being played by the Webmaster. Since the other two players have hirelings, cohorts, and/or familiars, this actually gives all three players a more or less equal share of the spotlight.

Ordrë is the second PC that the Webmaster has created for this game. The first one, Kowalski the half-orc Cleric/Bard, left before Moonshine's player joined. The third one, Tananda the troll Paladin, was designed to replace Ordrë. After Aeryn's player was ejected from the game (taking with her both Aeryn and Grolsch, her boyfriend's character), the party needed a rogue, so Ordrë was re-introduced.

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