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Laflir Arabianea, a.k.a


Race: Moon Elf (were dire bat)
Age: 124
Height: 5 feet, 4 inches
Build: Slender
Hair: Purple, about waist-length
Skin: Fair, no bluish tinge

Once upon a time, there was a moon elf from Silverymoon who had a brief career as an adventurer. He stopped adventuring after acquiring the curse of the werebat and retired to a simple life in retail, while desperately hiding his affliction.

This isnt his story.

Like many second-generation lycanthropes, Laflir knew that she had a gift. It actually irritated her that her father called it a curse. In her mind, her abilities became more than a gift. They became a blessing. She joined the temple of Sehanine Moonbow, and eventually became an adventurer in her own right.

She did know when she adopted the named Laflir that it translates into Common as Moonshine, but wasnt aware of the additional meaning of the word moonshine until after shed grown accustomed to being called that. It isnt something she worries about. She does enjoy a good drink, although she tries not to drink to excess. She sometimes loses control over her form when shes drunk.

Moonshine is fair skinned, without the bluish tinge some moon elves have. She has purple hair thanks to a prank played on her by pixies while she was out cold from drinking faerie wine. The effect seems to have been permanent, but she kinda likes it.

Shes five foot, four inches tall and does not discuss her weight. At a mere 124 years of age, Moonshine is a fairly young adult elf. As a dire bat, she has a fifteen-foot wingspan and she can even carry a passenger, although she rarely does.

She thinks bats are cute.

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