a.k.a. Tinkerbelle a.k.a. Tink

Flixafer was a penniless pixie druid until she encountered the orcs of the Black Helmet. She expected them to try and eat her. She didnít expect them to offer her a job. The orcs offered her a princely sum of two gold pieces to wear a tight green leotard and wave a wand around as their mascot, Tinkerbelle. The orcs were suffering from diz-knee exposure at the timeÖ

The unfortunate pixie didnít consider how badly such an outfit might ride up on her. She also didnít count on how hard it might be to collect her two gold pieces from the orcs. Luckily, her predicament brought her to the attention of the party. First, Aeryn bought her some better clothes. Then Moonshine discovered her druidic abilities and brought her into their adventures, although with her animal companion, I.R. Weasel.

Flixafer continues to use the nickname Tink, as per advice from Moonshine. The Cult of the Dragon was attacking the families of party members, so an alias seemed advisable. Despite accepting the nickname, Tink will never wear a green leotard again. Once she had real hard cash from adventuring, she paid several orcs to wear a variety of ridiculous costumes.

At some point in her past, she must have had a bad encounter with a frog. She insists that frogs are servants of evil. She has been known to torture frogs with Peppershot when killing them outright would be inadvisable.

Sheís still learning when and where it is and is not appropriate to Summon animals or wildshape. Summoning a squid into someoneís soup is generally inappropriate, as is wildshaping into a rhinoceros in a bathroom.

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