Moonshine's unForgotten Realm

Cast of Characters

Main characters (PCs)
Armand the Black - Male human Fighter/Sorcerer
Moonshine - Female werebat elf Cleric of Sehanine Moonbow
Ordrė Ravenaxe - Female dwarf Rogue/Shadowdancer
Tananda of Uniondale - Female troll Paladin of Tyr
Supporting Cast
Buttercup - Male dire elk, mount for Tananda
Cinnabar - Female snow leopard, familiar of Armand
Flixafer - Female pixie Druid, cohort of Moonshine
Grundle the Strange - Male troll Fighter, hireling of Armand
I.R. - Male dire weasel, familiar of Flixifer
Mireille - Female human Wizard, cohort of Armand
Muffle - Male bronze dragon Sorcerer, NPC
Others Frequently Appearing
Aeryn - Female elf Rogue/Sorcerer/Psion, former PC
Dimili - Male half-fey dwarf, Ordrė's lover
Elminster - Male Wizard (epic)
Fred and George - Male human Wizards, hirelings of Mireille
Grolsch - Male half-orc Druid, former PC
Guest Explosions Stars
Grak - Male gnoll Ranger, party hireling
Dreya - Female dwarf Cleric, ex-cohort of Armand
Nanoc - Male dwarf barbarian berserker, former PC
Pain and Suffering - dire wolves, animal companions of Grolsch
Coraym - Male human, Paladin of Tyr
Silvorglim - owl, familiar to Aeryn
Neville - Male human monk, NPC
Grim - Male werewolf elf ranger
Alustriel - Female human Wizard (epic)
Blight - Female black dragon wyrmling
Blue Fred - Male (goblinoid?) psion
Randal Morn - Male human (later elf), ???
the Mad Potter - Male human commoner
the Shamaness - Female orc cleric of Gruumsch

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