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Armand the Black

Race: Human (his people call themselves "black fey")
Age: 28
Height: 8 feet, 1 inch
Weight: 440 pounds
Eyes: Amber-brown
Hair: Jet black, straight
Skin: Light brown, with crystal "freckles" (scales)

Armand is the nominal leader of our little party of adventurers. He's also the de facto ruler of the twin town of Dagger Falls and Dragondale, as the towns depends on the militia which he runs and pays for. Dagger Fall's titular ruler, Randal Morn, doesn't seem to do much nowadays except drink heavily.

He is well down the path of the Dragon Disciple, and already has scaly, sparkly skin, claws, and a breath weapon (usable once per day, wow). He's also quite tall, though not quite as tall as Tananda yet. His dragon type is apparently some sort of crystal dragon; he's not sure.

Armand has attracted the attention of the dragon goddess Hlal, and she may well name him as one of her Chosen soon. This could well explain why our dice roll so many 20s and 1s....

Armand, the only male PC in our group, is played by the only female player in our group. It was not our intention to make a group who all played cross-gender. but that's how it worked out.

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