The Shamaness

a.k.a. Pippi Horrorstocking

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No one knows what the Shamaness’ true name was. Since she’s eaten… er, beaten… any competition she ever had for her position as the spiritual adviser to the orcs of Black Helmet, she didn’t really need a name. She was THE Shamaness.

She acquired her not-so-secret identity of Pippi Horrostocking when Flixafer, having come into money for the first time in her life, paid various orcs to dress up in silly costumes. The Shamaness liked hers and kept it. The stockings weren’t that horrifying, but the horizontal pigtails with the blades sticking out from the ends were problematical. A town ordinance had to be passed to set limits on how far from one’s shoulders blades may extend. She was leaving marks on the sides of buildings… on both sides of the street at once.

The Shamaness got around town on a strange gnomish device called a ‘bicycle’, with a huge front wheel and smaller wheel behind her. An inflated bladder attached to the handlebars makes a sound like an injured goose when she squeezed it as a warning for people to get out of her way. Brakes were for other people, like elves.

She was very devoted to her god, Gruumsh, and had personally supervised the building of a towering temple to His glory. Town ordinance forbids any building from being taller than the keep, so she contributed to having an additional floor erected atop the keep to allow her to raise the Tower of Gruumsh higher.

She has been a driving force in promoting orcish holidays like Eat the Runt Day, and reminded people that when you be eating brains, you should shut one eye so you be like Gruumsh.

Her hobby was knitting the life story of Armand the Black into a tapestry. It was expected that eventually the tapestry would be something that could be wrapped around a castle during the winter to keep it warm.

The Shamaness finally went over the line one day when she apparently accepted an offer of power from a demon or devil. Using some 'bone-grow' potions from Earth, she converted the tower into a citidel of bone and, through blood sacrifices, opened a portal to her new master's realm.

For this, she was personally executed by Armand at the top of her twisted tower. Unfortunately, when Tananda carried the body downstairs, the orcs decided that SHE had killed the shamaness, and thus was the new Queen of the Orcs.

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