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Muffle is a bronze dragon who has just recently reached the stage of "young adult". Now, if he would only act his age! Despite being officially "lawful good", Muffle tends to act in a rather selfish manner; more so than can easily be explained by the natural tendancy of all dragons to be greedy. Perhaps some of this is due to his association with Armand; definately some of this is due to his association with Blue Fred, who "taught" him his first humanoid form. Possibly it's just that being part of our rather powerful party has exacerbated his youthful sense of invincibility. Whatever the cause, Tananda (our party's paladin) is worried about him.

Muffle has apparently decided that his Hoard will consist primarily of tapestries. Nobody is quite sure why, but at least this obsession is relatively harmless.

Muffle calls Armand "daddy". This comes from an old joke: everyone assumed that Armand and Aeryn were married (due to their constant bickering), and Aeryn always bragged about her draconic heritage, so Muffle would pretend to be their child. Aeryn is long gone, but Muffle won't let go of the joke. In fact, he often extends the joke by calling the other party members "Auntie" (everyone is female in our group except for Armand and Muffle). This can cause strangers to make odd assumprions about Armand's family tree. Thankfully, he hasn't yet started calling the party's animal contingent "cousins".

Despite his immature attitude, Muffle is rather advanced for his age, having learned some Sorcerery.

When in humanoid form, Muffle has a magical sword, a gift from Armand. When in true form (or any shape with a tail), he has a tail blade which was a present from Tananda. Muffle has yet to try becoming a lizard man, where he would presumably have both.

Muffle played (for the most part) by the DM, but is not a cohort, follower, or hireling of any of the PCs.

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