The Mad Potter

Once upon a time in Dagger Falls, there was a humble shop selling glassware and ceramics. Then one day, a dire bear went charging through the shop, emerging with a toilet seat on his head. The proprietor rebuilt his shop, better than before. Then a beholder burrowed up through his basement.

The repeated demolition of his shop eventually drove the man mad. In his insanity, he found inspiration. He developed a new process for making pottery that was nigh-indestructible. How he does it is unknown. He guards his secrets carefully, and protects his wares with clever traps and hungry wargs.

The one drawback to buying pottery from the Mad Potter (real name unknown) is that his wares are extremely heavy. If you buy plates from him, you’d better buy a pottery table, too, because a wooden one won’t be sturdy enough to bear the weight. Using his pottery utensils will help you slim down, because eating with them is like pumping weights at the table.

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