Hello, I'm Johnny Cache. Hope you're enjoying my site so far. I thought I might take this opprotunity to plug-and-play my latest CD, Greatest Cache Hits:

Featured songs:
  • I Walk the Spline
  • A Boy Named su
  • Fullword Prison Blues
  • Wreck of the Word 97
  • Will the Circuit Be Unbroken {Daddy Sang Base8}
  • The DLL Went Down to Georgia.gov
  • Binome in Black
  • Ring of FireWire
  • One-y
  • Sunday Morning, Shutting Down

No new songs this time, it's just a compilation album.

Hey, Hey, HEY!! This special collector's edition CD is going fast!!!

BUT - If you order within the next 15 milliseconds, YOU will receive at NO EXTRA CHARGE the deluxe two-CD set, Johnny Cache's CMOS Classics! This special collection of ULEtide favorites will be a family treasure for hours to come!

Take a look:

  • Adestes PIDeles (O, Come All Ye Registered)
  • The First Novell
  • Up on the Laptop
  • What Child Process is This
  • I Saw Three Chips
  • Carol of the Dells
  • Little PROMmer Boy/PCs on Earth *
  • Oh Come, Oh Come, a Manual
  • Chestnuts Routing (The CMOS Song)
* (w/David GUI)
  • Windows Wonderland
  • We Three Codemasters
  • Users We Have Heard on High
  • DEC the Halls
  • Baud Rest Ye Merry Gentlesprites
  • Joy to the Net
  • Silent Site
  • O Little Node of Bethlehem
  • Auld LAN Sync

So, order today to get Greatest Cache Hits and Johnny Cache's CMOS Classics for only 99.99.99! You heard right, all three CDs for only 99.99.99! Sysops are standing by! Offer void where prohibited by law, your milage may vary.

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