I'd like to thank everyone who bought my albums this cycle. My CDs are selling so well, now, that the net .EXE's decided to give me my own cable special! It's a pay-per-click, but maybe I can get y'all Comp'd.

Check out this full-page spreadsheet in the POST:

Next month, on the FORTH, the FAX Family Channel is proud to present:
Johnny Cache Live! at the Grand Ole Sysopry
Yes, straight from the heart of HASHville, Johnny hosts a once-in-a-lifecycle night of footer-stompin' Country Code music. Johnny's star-dot-star-studded guest list includes:
Roy AC-off Turnkey Clark The Dixie Clicks Lister Flatt and URL Scruggs Pascal Flatts WillIEEE Nelson Buck OEMs Dolly Partition Mini Perl Text Ritter Patsy Spline GEOS Strait Conway TTY ShanAIa TWAIN Portal Wagoner
The spectacular finale will feature a FireWire display by the world-famous GNUcci brothers!

      Tickets are available now for only 99.99.99 per sprite! Or, the entire family can enjoy the show from the comfort of their own homepage on pay-per-click for the same low price of only 99.99.99! The first 1100100 customers receive a free "Johnny Cache Live!" T-shirt absolutely free! Please specify size (T1, T2, T3, or DSL).

      For those who plan on attending in person: Parking is limited, but there will be extra service on the S-100 bus. Please plan accordingly.

      Sponsored by Auntie Alias' refreshing 24 bit cream. Soothe and smooth those jaggies away in nanos.

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