Hello, I'm Johnny Cache!

...well, not really. This is just a web persona I made up. I created it (and later, this web site) because I'm a fan of, among other things:

What do country music and cartoons have in common, you may ask? If you'll be so kind as to check out entry #3 on the table of contents below, it'll all make sense.

Table of Contents

  1. About this site (incl. financial statement).
  2. About Johnny Cash.
  3. About Reboot.
  4. Some Drawings that I made.
  5. A couple of Song Parodies that a friend and I wrote.
  6. Moonshine's Journals. (Funny!)
  7. The Forums.
  8. My Play-by-Web roleplaying pages.
  9. My Guestbook.

Thanks for visiting. Enjoy!